NEWS: Bios

John Hanselman

John Hanselman is Chairman and CEO of Vanguard Renewables. He has thirty years of experience in leading renewable energy, environmental, and mission-based companies. Hanselman has helped define the growth of the American renewable energy markets, pioneering solar on brownfields and now championing farm-based anaerobic digestion.  Hanselman focuses on developing organic waste solutions for farms, food producers and food users and renewable energy generation.

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Kevin Chase

Kevin Chase is Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Vanguard Renewables and CEO of Vanguard Renewables Ag. He oversees company-wide investments, expansion, and farm relations, as well as  permitting, design and construction initiatives. As CEO of Vanguard Renewables AG, Chase is leading a nationwide expansion to bring manure-only Farm Powered anaerobic digestion to farms across America.

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