Crescent Farm

Haverhill, Massachusetts
Farm Powered® Anaerobic Digester Project

Crescent and Shaw Farms are taking huge steps to increase farm sustainability and enhance relationships with their communities. Construction is underway on a new Vanguard Renewables Farm Powered Anaerobic Digester project at Crescent Farm in Haverhill, Mass. The project is a cooperative farm venture between Crescent Farm in Haverhill, Mass. where the digester will be hosted, and Shaw Farm in Dracut, Mass.

Approximately 10 tons per day (TPD) of manure will be combined with 100 TPD of pre-consumer organics from food processing and preparation operations in the Haverhill anaerobic digester. Methanogenic bacteria will break down the manure and organics to produce biogas (used to power a 1 MW engine) and digestate material (used as fertilizer).

The engine will produce more than 7,700 MWh per year of renewable energy. The energy will be provided via net metering credits to the City of Haverhill schools and public facilities. The digestate by-product of the anaerobic digestion process will be used to replace chemical fertilizers on the farm.