John Hanselman

John Hanselman is Chairman and CEO of Vanguard Renewables. He has thirty years of experience in leading renewable energy, environmental, and mission-based companies. Hanselman has helped define the growth of the American renewable energy markets, pioneering solar on brownfields, and now championing farm-based anaerobic digestion.  Hanselman focuses on developing organic waste solutions for farms, food producers and food users and renewable energy generation.

Previously, Hanselman founded Active Impulse Systems, Inc., and served as President and CEO until Philips Electronics acquired the company. He also served as President and CEO of LingoMotors, Inc. a natural language software company. Mr. Hanselman is the Founder of Brightfields Development, a solar brownfields development company and Renova Partners, a brownfield redevelopment company.

Hanselman has been an invited speaker at Harvard Business School and both MIT’s Sloan Business School and Center for Real Estate Development. He has numerous published papers and holds patents in the semiconductor and natural language software areas.

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