John Hanselman

Kevin Chase
Co-Founder, Chief Investment Officer
CEO, Vanguard Renewables Ag

Kevin Chase oversees Vanguard Renewables investments and manages all permitting, design, and construction activities. In November 2019, when Vanguard embarked on a new venture, Vanguard Renewables Ag LLC, with Dominion Energy and Dairy Farmers of America, Chase assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer of Vanguard Renewables Ag. He oversees all development and operations for the manure-only to renewable natural gas partnership. Kevin has more than twenty-five years of experience in commercial development. In addition to his role at Vanguard Renewables, he is President of Trilogy Development LLC, a boutique real estate acquisition, development and advisory company specializing in the residential, commercial and hospitality market sectors.

Kevin is an avid sports and music enthusiast and is also a partner in The Guild Brewery in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.