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Consumers Will Pay More for ProductsThat Showcase Brand Values


Consumers don’t just support causes with their words — they’re also willing to put more of their money behind value-driven brands, according to the results Akeneo’s recent survey of 3,500 consumers in seven countries. The survey didn’t focus specifically on food and beverage brands, but the results suggest that F&B companies that don’t communicate their values and provide accurate, quality product information could be missing out on profits.

Global food system emissions could preclude achieving the 1.5° and 2°C climate change targets


The goal of the Paris Agreement is to limit average global temperature increases above preindustrial levels to “well below 2°C” and to pursue efforts to “limit increase to 1.5°C.” Achieving either goal requires large and rapid reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (1).

Route to Zero Carbon – Virtual Roundtable with Supply Chain Industry Experts Accompanied with a White Paper


Supply Chain Academy, founded in 2011, is a corporate training & eLearning solutions company, on a mission to deliver customized solutions for professional development and empowerment of the workforce of supply chain organizations all around the globe through their online innovative and cognitive training programs in procurements, supply chain and sales.

Massachusetts’ Local Food System Perspectives on Resilience and Recovery


In early 2016 stakeholder organizations that supported the creation of the Massachusetts Local Food Action Plan formed the Massachusetts Food System Collaborative. The Collaborative is dedicated to working toward an equitable, sustainable, and resilient food system in the Commonwealth, and helps build the capacity of food-system stakeholders to advocate for policy recommendations in the Plan.

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