The U.S. Dairy-based Anaerobic Digestion Leader

Vanguard Renewables is the U.S. leader in farm-based anaerobic digestion. We have a multi-year strategic alliance with Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), the largest dairy cooperative in the U.S. with more than 14,000 dairy-farmer members across 48 states and operate anaerobic digesters throughout the Northeast with projects in development nationwide. Our leadership team understands the organic waste disposal challenges and high cost of organic waste disposal that farmers and businesses face. With backgrounds in anaerobic digester development and operations, clean energy, project construction, and food manufacturing, the Vanguard team is a pioneer in the zero-waste, closed-loop organics to energy lifecycle.

“Our Farm Powered anaerobic digester program solves the organic waste challenges of farms, institutions, and food businesses, and generates clean, renewable energy. It’s a win for everyone.”

– John Hanselman, Chairman and CEO, Vanguard Renewables

Based in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Vanguard’s is placing Farm Powered anaerobic digesters on farms across the U.S. Vanguard Renewables won the 2019 American Biogas Council Up-and-Coming Project Award for its anaerobic digester facility in Salisbury, VT and the 2019 American Biogas Council Longevity Award for its Rutland, MA anaerobic digester facility. Vanguard’s Hadley, MA anaerobic digester project won 2016 ABC Project of the Year honors. Vanguard Renewables’ leadership in on-farm co-digestion of food waste and farm waste to renewable energy won the company 2018 Organics Recycler of the Year honors from the National Waste & Recycling Association.

John Hanselman
Chairman and CEO, Vanguard Renewables

John Hanselman is Chairman and CEO of Vanguard Renewables. He has thirty years of experience in leading renewable energy, environmental, and mission-based companies. Hanselman has helped define the growth of the American renewable energy markets, read more

Kevin Chase
Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Vanguard Renewables
CEO, Vanguard Renewables Ag

Kevin Chase is Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Vanguard Renewables and CEO of Vanguard Renewables Ag. He oversees company-wide investments, expansion, and farm relations, as well as  permitting, design and construction initiatives. As read more

Vanguard Renewables Organics focuses on developing Farm Powered co-digestion facilities that convert food waste and farm manure to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) or renewable electricity (RE) and is the largest organics recycling destination in the Northeast and soon nationwide. The co-digestion organics to energy lifecycle solves the organics waste disposal challenges of American business and the farms, while it generates renewable energy and provides fertilizer to increase farm crop outputs and local food production.

Vanguard Renewables Ag develops and operates dairy manure-only to renewable natural gas anaerobic digester facilities facilities across the U.S. These Farm Powered manure-only anaerobic digesters improve manure and nutrient management, produce clean energy, and provide farms with a new, diversified income stream.

Vanguard Renewables Ag and Vanguard Renewables Organics are subsidiaries of Vanguard Renewables, LLC.