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The U.S. Dairy Anaerobic Digestion to Clean Energy Leader

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Vanguard Renewables Ag develops and operates Farm Powered manure-only anaerobic digestion facilities on U.S. dairy farms that improve manure and nutrient management, sequester methane to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and produce clean energy. Host farmers receive an income stream and can remain focused on farm operations while Vanguard Renewables Ag develops and operates the anaerobic digestion facilities. A typical Vanguard Renewables Ag dairy waste-to-energy project consists of a cluster of two to four farms and 20,000 to 30,000 dairy cows.

Vanguard Renewables Ag is a subsidiary of Vanguard Renewables, the nation’s leader in farm-based anaerobic digestion.


Partnering to Help America’s Dairy Farmers Thrive

Vanguard Renewables Ag has a $200 million strategic partnership with Dominion Energy to convert methane from U.S. dairy farms into clean, renewable natural gas (RNG) that can heat homes, power businesses, and fuel vehicles. Our multi-year strategic partnership with Dairy Farmers of American (DFA) brings the benefits of Farm Powered anaerobic digestion to more farms across America—reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing farmers with additional revenue.

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