What We Do

Farm Powered Organics to Energy Lifecycle solves food waste challenges and supports the American farmer

The American farmer is in significant trouble. With milk prices at below production cost and energy and operational costs soaring, farmers are looking for innovative solutions to sustain family farms for future generations. The Vanguard Renewables, Farm Powered Organics to Energy Anaerobic Digester program offers farmers relief from rising energy costs and manure disposal challenges. It also offers food manufacturers, food retailers, and institutions an organic waste ban compliance solution and the opportunity to help a local farm.

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How it works

A fully-scalable, farm-based, zero-waste closed loop lifecycle, the Farm Powered Organics to Energy Lifecycle combines food-based organic waste and farm manure for the environmentally sustainable production of renewable energy and fertilizer.

Feedstock: Farm Waste + Organic Feedstock Non-farm waste is delivered via sealed trucks and combined with manure at the host farm. Process: Mixing + Heat In a sealed biodigester tank at the farm, microorganisms convert sugars, fats, and other compounds into biogas, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 85% Output: Electricity + Fertilizer Biogas generates renewable energy and heat for the farm, and equivalent energy for the surrounding community feedstock providers, and local businesses. The remaining digested material is odor-free, nutrient rich, natural fertilizer proven to increase farm crop yields.

Your food waste is our feedstock!

Your waste is our feedstock - Geissler

Food waste producers have choices when deciding how to comply with organic waste regulations. Choosing Vanguard Renewables Farm Powered Organics to Energy is the choice that solves your food waste challenges and helps sustain a family farm. We safely and cleanly combine excess organic food waste and agricultural waste and process them using anaerobic digestion into Farm Powered renewable energy. As Randy Jordan of Jordan Dairy Farm says, “It’s a win win for everybody.”

  • Converts the energy potential in manure and food waste into electricity
  • Provides low-cost energy, organic fertilizer, and free heat and hot water to the farm
  • Bugs digest manure and food waste and create burnable methane for farm-based generators
  • Generates electricity for the surrounding community
  • Reduces farm odor and groundwater contamination
  • Digestate fertilizer by-product increases crop yields and local food production

We offer a safe, certifiable organic waste solution


Feedstock suppliers get a fixed energy and disposal cost for 10 years. And, help sustain a family farm for generations to come.

  • Safe, certifiable organic wastes disposal
  • Reduces odor and pests
  • Increases Sustainability Index
  • Enhances brand attributes

Renewable energy moves from the farm to the production facility, retail store, and community and back to the farm in the form of food waste to complete the Farm Powered Organics to Energy Lifecycle

Farmers get a professionally managed odor-free waste solution, low-cost energy, and fertilizer to increase farm crop yields.

  • Safe, completely enclosed anaerobic digestion process
  • Professionally managed on site and with 24/7 monitoring
  • Happy neighbors get electricity and no farm odor
  • Sustains the farm for future generations

Renewable energy purchasers get a high value sustainability asset and help sustain a local farm for the future