William Jorgenson

WilliamJorgensonBill Jorgenson is a Co-Founder and Counselor for Vanguard Renewables. Jorgenson is also a managing partner of AGreen Energy (AGE) and BGreen Energy (BGE), LLC’s he formed in 2008 to make renewable electricity and fertilizer from dairy manure and food processing wastes in an environmentally friendly way. These two operating digesters on the Jordan Farm in Rutland, Mass. and Longview Farm in Hadley, Mass. have merged their assets into Vanguard where they are also now stakeholders.

Jorgenson has spent his life in the food industry including as Founder of SJH Consulting for agri-customers and Vice President of Latin America for Quaker Oats.

A graduate of Colgate University, Jorgenson also attended the University of Oslo, Norway. He is an author, industry speaker, advisory board member with two international Cleantech funds member of the DFI Dairy Industry Task Force on digesters, and Board member of American Biogas Council (ABC).

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