The Farm Powered Anaerobic Digestion Process

A zero-waste closed loop lifecycle, Farm Powered organics to renewable energy combines unusable food and beverage waste and farm manure to generate clean, renewable energy and low carbon fertilizer.


Food and beverage waste, referred to as feedstock, is collected for recycling

Inedible or unusable food and beverage waste and other organics is collected in sealed trucks and delivered to a Farm Powered anaerobic digester where it is combined with farm manure in a sealed biodigester tank. Waste requiring pre-processing, such as depackaging, goes first to the Organics Recycling Facility and then is sent to one of our Farm Powered anaerobic digesters.

Feedstock is combined in the Farm Powered anaerobic digester

Food and beverage waste is combined with farm manure in an anaerobic digester. Microorganisms that naturally occur in manure digest the feedstock converting sugars, fats, and other compounds into biogas. Sequestering this organic waste captures as much as 95 percent of the potential greenhouse gas emissions that would result if the food and beverage waste was sent to landfill or the farm manure was field applied.

Biogas is captured and converted into renewable energy and low-carbon fertilizer

Biogas is cleaned to produce renewable natural gas for heating and cooling or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for vehicles. It can also be converted into renewable electricity. The remaining liquid digestate is a low-carbon fertilizer that supports regenerative agriculture practice and reduces farm dependence on chemical fertilizers. The dry byproduct is used for animal bedding. Farms also receive heat and hot water for farm operations and a host lease payment.

How it works


Vanguard has seven operating facilities with more than 20 in permitting, or construction nationwide.

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