Deerfield’s Bar-Way Farm Anaerobic Digester to put Manure, Food Waste to Work

Photo 2 2016-05-10 19.59.41
Recorder Staff
Monday, May 16, 2016

After trying for more than seven years, Bar-Way Farm is installing a system to turn the 25 tons of manure its 500 Holstein cows produce daily into electricity, heat and fertilizer. Expected to begin operation by Thanksgiving, the Farm Powered anaerobic digester is a partnership between Vanguard Renewables and Bar-Way Farm.

“We can utilize the electricity and the heat, and the odor reduction will make us better neighbors,” he said. “This is going to make us so much more sustainable for the next century, so we won’t have to rely on just the milk check.” – Peter Melnik, Bar-Way Farm

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