Food Waste Collection and Recycling Provides Haulers with New Destinations for Organics and Financial Benefits

Food Waste filling up landfill

Landfills around the country are closing and haulers and food waste producers are looking for reliable destinations for organic waste. Food waste recycling enables food waste generators to comply with commercial food disposal bans imposed by many states and provides haulers with a new destination for waste that would have been previously taken to a landfill. A 1MW Farm-based AD system recycles 36,500 tons of organic waste annually; keeping it out of landfills.

By John Hanselman, Chairman and CEO, Vanguard Renewables

“A farm powered solution offers hauler partners new destinations for organic waste with easy truck access, lower tipping fees and the ability to attract new customers. All this while helping to sustain a local farmer and protecting the environment.” – John Hanselman, CEO, Vanguard Renewables

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