Is an anaerobic digester right for your dairy farm?

High Plains Journal By Doug Rich Jun 12, 2017

Peter Melnik, a fourth generation dairy farmer from Deerfield, Massachusetts, is a firm believer a farm should be economically and environmentally sustainable. This belief started him on a 10-year search for a way to make an anaerobic digester work on his farm. The recent announcement of an alliance between Dairy Farmers of America and Vanguard Renewables, a Massachusetts-based renewable energy developer, was the missing piece of the puzzle for Melnik.

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This is a view of the digester on Peter Melnik’s farm near Deerfield, Massachusetts. Construction of the anaerobic digester began in April 2016 and was completed in December 2016. The alliance between Dairy Farmers of America and Vanguard Renewables made it possible for Melnik to build and operate the digester. (Photo courtesy of Vanguard Renewables.)

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