Middlebury College, Goodrich Farm, Vermont Gas, and Vanguard Renewables Announce Farm Powered RNG partnership.

Middlebury College will significantly reduce its carbon footprint thanks to an innovative partnership with Goodrich Family Farm in Salisbury, Vt., Vanguard Renewables of Wellesley, Mass., and Vermont Gas.

Running on fumes

One new industry’s future in Massachusetts could depend on piles of cow manure, an endless stream of food scraps, and some help from the State House.

Compelling renewable energy and AD testimony at MA Statehouse hearing

Huge thanks to everyone who supported renewable energy and anaerobic digestion at the MA Energy Committee hearing on September 19th at the Statehouse in Boston.

Vanguard Renewables Farm Powered Anaerobic Digester will turn poop into power at Crescent Farm, Haverhill, Mass.

Vanguard Renewables soon to be under construction Farm Powered Anaerobic Digester at Haverhill's Crescent Farm will turn cow manure from the 200 cows at the farm and recycled organic food waste into power.

At Haverhill farm, it’s waste not, want not.

Farm Powered anaerobic digester at Crescent Farm in Haverhill is the fourth in Massachusetts constructed and managed by Wellesley’s Vanguard Renewables. It will convert roughly 100 tons of manure and organic food waste per day into renewable energy.

Is an anaerobic digester right for your dairy farm?

Peter Melnik, a fourth generation dairy farmer from Deerfield, Massachusetts, is a firm believer a farm should be economically and environmentally sustainable. This belief started him on a 10-year search for a way to make an anaerobic digester work on his farm.

Biogas RNG outpacing even solar in growth potential

Expect to hear lots more about renewable natural gas (RNG) or biomethane, the versatile biobased fuel that’s fully interchangeable with fossil-fuel natural gas.

How Garbage Becomes ‘Black Gold’

NYC has the largest organic residential collection program in the country. Now what was once considered waste is being turned into compost and biogas.

City of Haverhill agrees to purchase power from Crescent Farm AD

The Haverhill, Mass. City Council inked a deal with Vanguard Renewables to purchase power generated by a Farm Powered anaerobic digester to be constructed at Crescent Farms. The electricity will be transferred to the city through the purchase of net metering credits.