Virginia’s Dominion Energy is transforming itself into a renewable energy powerhouse

Dominion is working with startup Vanguard Renewables, which deploys manure to renewable natural gas systems at dairy farms.

Feeding Families in Need: Renewable Energy Companies Enter the Mix

As U.S. food assistance programs grapple with overwhelming demand during the coronavirus pandemic, some in New England are finding support from unusual partners—renewable energy companies.

Turning Manure Into Money

When Randy Jordan, a fifth-generation dairy farmer in central Massachusetts, looked into turning manure from his 300 cows into natural gas more than a decade ago, he just wanted to find a way to lower his increasingly painful electric bill.

Millions of Gallons of Stale Beer Is One Hangover From Lockdown

In the concert halls, stadiums and bars across the U.S. that have fallen silent during the coronavirus pandemic, an unusual problem has emerged: what to do with the vast quantity of beer that’s gone past its sell-by date.

Vermont dairy farmers hope anaerobic digester can provide financial boost

The Goodrich Family of Goodrich Family Farm in Salisbury, VT is hopeful the Farm Powered anaerobic digester being constructed by Vanguard Renewables will provide a financial boost to the farm, reduce the farm’s environmental impact, and offer lessons for other farmers seeking revenue from renewable natural gas.

How Massachusetts Farms Turn Food Waste Into Renewable Energy

Americans waste a lot of food. As much as 40 percent of the country's food supply gets thrown out, according to federal data.

Dairy Farmers to Give Away Free Milk in Boston

Dairy farmers across the country have been forced to dump milk they can't sell into their fields – an awful waste of their hard work, and of valuable food.

PBS NewsHour Waste Not

In the final episode of the special series this week on food waste, PBS News Hour series "Waste Not, Want Not" looks at some innovative solutions being developed to deal with the growing problem of spoiled and surplus food in this country. Special correspondent Allison Aubrey visited a state where dairy farmers are using it to power their farms

Farmers Feeding Families Plainville, MA Milk Donation Event on June 4, 2020

On June 4, 2020 in Plainville, MA Vanguard Renewables and MA State Representative Shawn Dooley teamed up to distribute gallons of milk to families in need. It was one of four Farmers Feeding Families events sponsored by Vanguard Renewables.