Low Carbon Fuel Standard is a success in California and soon will be rolled out in the Northeast.

Low Carbon Fuel Standard is a success in California and soon will be rolled out in the Northeast.

Food Waste Collection and Recycling Provides Haulers with New Destinations for Organics and Financial Benefits

The benefits of food waste collection and recycling using Farm Powered Anaerobic Digestion featured in the May issue of Waste Advantage magazine.

It’s Only Waste If You Waste It: Turning Food Waste into Brand and Bottom Line Value

Food Industry Executive article by Vanguard CEO John Hanselman about how recycling food waste builds brand and bottom line value. The article features two of Vanguard's Farm Powered Partners - Cabot Creamery and Gorton's Seafood.

The state’s ban on food waste lacks teeth, critics say

Much of the food waste in Massachusetts is still not being recycled as outlined in the Commonwealth’s organic waste ban. There are a number of success stories such as Whole Foods, which recycles the organic waste from 17 of the company’s 32 Massachusetts stores.

New Study Shows Employees Seek and Stay Local to Greener Companies

Nearly 70% of respondents say that a strong sustainability plan would affect their decision to stay with a company long term. In fact, about 30% have left a company due to its lack of a corporate sustainability agenda and over 11% have done so more than once.

DSNY Enforces Organic Waste Requirements

The City of New York Department of Sanitation (DSNY) announced that on February 15 it will begin enforcement of a city law requiring some larger restaurants, chain restaurants and grocery stores to separate their food waste from their trash, and ensure it is beneficially reused, not sent to a landfill.

Inside Vanguard Renewables, the Northeast’s biggest food waste recycler

Vanguard Renewables is featured in a January 31, Waste Dive article by Cole Rosengren. The company recently opened its latest farm-based anaerobic digester, with more on the way. CEO John Hanselman explains why his business works where others have failed. Vanguard is the largest recycler of food waste in the Northeast.

Digester Developer Finds Sweet Spots

Vanguard Renewables uses an “everybody wins” approach as it builds, owns and operates anaerobic digesters on dairy farms to process food waste and manure according to a recent article by Nora Goldstein in BioCycle Magazine.

Young people say not recycling is a dealbreaker

74 percent of Americans would rather shop and spend money at a business that recycles and reuses materials according to a new study by The Recycling Partnership.