Vanguard Renewables working with CT farmers to bring Farm Powered renewable energy to the State

By Patrick Skahill • Apr 16, 2018

You can think of an anaerobic digester as a big metal stomach. Biodegradables go in, get composted, and turned into energy. And now, the hope is that the waste turns into a profit.

Matthew Freund, president of Freund’s Farm in East Canaan, said that anaerobic digestion technology let him diversify his business. A unit built in 1997 took in cow manure and allowed him to create a new product: biodegradable seed planters called “CowPots.”

“We’ve got a flow chart of the cow,” Freund said. “She backs up to an anaerobic digester, does her business. We digest it and make energy. Then we create the fibers, making the ‘CowPots.’ So it’s full circle, the cow gives us everything.”

The planters were popular with gardners. And now, Freund’s farm is hoping to take that business to the next level. They’ve partnered with with Vanguard Renewables to build a new anaerobic digestion unit, which could also take in food waste from surrounding towns.

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